My second job as illustrator

2/24/2017 Debby Wang 0 Comments

Hey Guys, it has been awhile since I haven't uploaded anything. January was a bit stressful, plenty exams, plenty concerts. It was pity that I didn't took any photos of them, afterwards I have been in Taiwan for one month because of Chinese New Year, so I didn't have the opportunity to upload anything musical. 

Lately, my teacher just publisched his newest children book "All You Can Drumset" for learning playing Drumset and I am the illustrator. It is one of the "All You Can Drum" series. However, this time he cooperated with Phillip Kopmajer, amazing drum set player, it includes varieties of etudes and playbacks. This book gives children the opportunity to learn drum set in a different way and find the Joy in learning with this book.
I was lucky to be asked for drawing. Drawing has always been my great hobby, when I was young I've dreamed for becoming manga illustrator and fashion designer, but I've not really live up to.
I was really surprised when my teacher ask me to illustrate the children book, it was kind of a dream comes true. Of course, it was not an easy process, many times I was asked to redraw the pictures, sometimes it is annoying that you need to court popularity, so you need to balance your taste of drawing and taste of general public. However, I have learned different things within the process.

I like to draw and I am cheerful that I really become an illustrator, even though there are some obstacles, I still want to do it. Maybe some musicians will say I should 100% concentrate on music, but I would rather think in more rational way. I love music, I want to be a musician, but there are some many uncertain elements in the future, it is hard to say. So I decided to have multi-job, at the same time I am middle man of selling natural organic cosmetics too and this is also what I want to do, so why bother?

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