WSO Concert with Zubin Metha

12/12/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

The Christmas season is approaching, there are lots of events and concerts. Lately, our university had an orchestral project cooperate with the famous conductor Zubin Metha. 
The program we played was Schubert Symphony No.3, Webern six pieces for orchestra and Dvorak Symphony No.7. My part was little, I only played tamtam in Webern piece. Even the duration of the piece was more or less about 13 minutes, however, it was definitely not an easy piece.
 We have also the honor to play in Musikverein. The first rehearsal was taken place in Gläserner Saal, it was a Hall full with gold boards, I was amazed from the first sight.
Beside the beautiful rehearsal and concert hall, I realized my fake tattoo go with this gold triangle and the red instrument rack.
I am not a specialist of conducting, but after all rehearsals I noticed Zubin Metha was a good listener.He studied every pieces very well, he didn't even need to look to the scores. Beside that, he was a funny person.
To be honest, we didn't play well, we have played way more better at the rehearsals, but I believed everyone of us learned something from this project. It was a nice experience after all.

Thank you for reading!

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