Marimba Mallets Outfit

11/10/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

I am glad to receive plenty postive feedbacks from the last outfit-post. Therefore I have decided to write more musical outfits. The last Outfit-post represented the tomboy yet feminine look which was inspired by my practice pad. I was considering to write a post that presents more feminine and elegant look this time. I looked around my apartment and saw my mallets. I immediately pick up my Keiko Abe Mallets and started to dress me up.
To be honest, I have had my Keiko Abe Mallets for a long time and I was always amazed by its pure white mallets head. Beside that, the specialty of this mallet is that you are able to play every dynamics on every marimba plates, even the harder one on the lower tune.
The soft color of culottes goes with the mallets and the black lace top gives a delicate feeling which suits the high heels. The funniest thing is I just realized this look fits to the chair and pillow next to me. 
I am totally in love with this high neck black lace top, especially the lace details shows the sexuality.

Earrings: For Love and Lemons
High neck black lace top: Bershka
Culottes: Taiwan
High heels: Taiwan

Instagram: @debby.debs.w

Hope you will like this lovely look!
Thank you for reading!

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