Concert in Bad Reichenhall, Germany

10/31/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

Last Friday, 28.10 I and my two collage colleagues were asked for playing with Bad Reichenhall  Philharmonie with the amazing concert programs.  Within five days we have rehearsed a lot and counted countless rest bars. (In this case, it was neccesary to have the concentration during the whole rehearsal due to the switching time signature.)

The atmosphere of rehearsal was surprisingly comfortable. We began to rehearsal punctually which I didn't expect before, since normally it starts 15 minutes later. I guess it is kind of a orchestral culture.
Besides the rehearsal we had the honor to appreciate the amazing view of Bad Reichenhall and the culinary delicacy in the town. 
After the very last rehearsal we took for a walk in the central district and acquired some historical knowledge. 
Men had to wear tuxedo and women had to wear dress at the concert. I was probably the only woman who against the system and wore black pants(I didn't know the dresscode before we arrived). The first set went well, although I dropped one of the bass drum sticks. However, the last-three-solo-bass-drum-fortissimo-beats were pretty nice though.
I haven't played in an orchestra for awhile and I was happily to be asked by my teacher. I would say it was kind of a successful night, therefore I would like to write about this concert for my very first blogpost!

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